Finished Quilts 2013

Stained Glass Quilt  in Curious Nature (January 2013)

Scrappy X and Plus quilt for Siblings Together made by do.Good Stitches (January 2013)
Patchwork Wheel Quilt made by the Care Circle of do.Good Stitches (January 2013)
Baby quilt for Amira (February 2013)
Scrappy Granny Square quilt (March 2013)
Mama Said Sew baby quilt for Cindy (April 2013)
Field Study Triangles quilt (May 2013)
Uneven Coins baby quilt for MR (June 2013)
Stitch Tease 'Curvy Sampler' bee quilt (December 2013)


Deborah said...

Oh my word! It's really something to see these beauties all in one post!! Amazing work!!