Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Stitch Tease Blocks Revealed

Photo Credits Top Row (Di, Susan, Danny, Helen)
                                 Bottom Row (Dianne, Hadley, Katy, me)
Yesterday I shared with you the gorgeous quilt top I received in the Stitch Tease bee.  Today, I'm revealing the bee blocks that I made for the 7 other bee members. I shall try and whizz through these as quickly as possible as after a year of teasing, you are getting Stitch Tease overload.

Having said that, the first does need a little explaining.

Bee mama Di asked for strips with words on them.  This was easy for me - Di often refers to her husband as Mr.Romance and this was my inspiration photo. Yep, he really is Mr.Romance!

Photo Credit - Diane Stanley
...and here's the strip I made for Di. It's a biggie at 72" long!

12.5" x 72"
So my words for Di were 'I LOVE US # MR ROMANCE'.  I appliqued one of Di's favourite flowers and the one in the photo, a sunflower, pieced a heart and as Di and her husband were learning Country & Western dancing this time last year I appliqued Mr.Romance in a cowboy hat. You can see the whole of Di's quilt top here.

Next up was Susan - Susan's block was a quick and easy make.  She asked for white wonky stars in amongst bright and scrappy squares and rectangles. You can see Susan's whole quilt top here.

20" x 30"
Danny was next.  I dithered and procrastinated over this one.  Danny gave us free reign to make what our heart desired but with so much choice it was tough to decide exactly what to make.  Eventually I made a strip of different blocks and incorporated a few of my favourites. You can see Danny's quilt top here.

12" x 70"
Helen's was a lot easier for me.  She asked for bright wonky stars against a background of Kona Ash.  Easy peasy. You can see Helen's quilt top here.

24" x 24"
Dianne asked for pinwheels - any pinwheels, any shape or size.  Now I had never made pinwheels before but after a perusal of flickr and pinterest I learned that there were many types.  I decided to include a Dutch pinwheel (far left) which I really love. She can see Dianne's quilt top here.

16" x 32"
Next up was Hadley - she asked for squares and rectangles of fabric in teals, aquas, oranges, greens, blues and greys.  By her won admission, she was quite specific about what she wanted in her block. There would also be a few white blocks randomly placed.  Now this block was simple but fabric choice had to be considered carefully.  You can see Hadley's quilt top here.

10" x 60"
Last up was Katy's block.  Katy asked us to replicate characters from her focus fabric.  I made the last option available - an appliqued space rocket! After this photo was taken I realized I hadn't finished the legs properly so I changed them but don't have another photo. You can see Katy's quilt here.

24" x 24"
So Round 1 is over and Round 2 kicks off next month. Big strips and blocks are gone and in comes more manageable 12.5" blocks!


QuiltCandy said...

Oh wow such gorgeous quilt blocks and stunning quilts! I just love the one with all the words on it, and Mr Romance sounds perfect!! I love the white wonky stars too :-) It sounds like it was great fun.

Catherine said...

I've been checking out all the quilts - they are all so lovely and so different. Your blocks are great - lucky people!

Jess said...

I adore the rocket you made for Katy - but all of them are great.

Cindy Sharp said...

You've been busy. Well done

Janine said...

You made wonderful blocks for everyone and Your quilt in the post below is fab! This sounds like a wonderful bee :)

Archie the wonder dog said...

I love all the blocks/rows you made - it's interesting to read what the others have written about the rows/blocks they made for everyone and see how they all fitted together.

Sarah said...

You made fantastic blocks for everyone! All of the quilts are fun and beautiful. Amazing how they came together so well with everyone making at the same time. Well done!

Deborah said...

What amazing creativity and a fabulous group to be a part of!! Your blocks have such personal touches.

Dianne Neale said...

Lovely blocks Annabella, in your trademark colours! I will miss this bee, even though weare starting a new one.

Katherine said...

You made such a variety of beautiful and creative blocks, Annabella. Wow.
It must have been very exciting for each of you to be stitching in secret for one another and then to receive a finished quilt. I'm so impressed by the quilts in your bee! Each is unique and gorgeous.

diane said...

Beautifully executed blocks for a lovely bunch if friends. I love my row.

Di said...

I have really enjoyed seeing all the photos of your blocks and quilts pop up in Blogland. It looks like an awesome bee to be in. Di x

Catherine said...

Fantastic blocks, you have done an amazing job

Run Quilt Knit Write said...

Great photos - and what lovely sunshine ;-)

elsy said...

what a fantastic bee to be in....they are all so really individual. i love the idea of making something on someones instructions...makes you more creative i guess. should give it a go!.

Canadian Abroad said...

You did brilliant on every last block, including mine, thank you. And hasn't Z grown since that photo of him holding up Danny's block!!!

Flying Blind... said...

Thank you for pandering to my demands!

Katy Cameron said...

I love my rocket, and how you constructed my top!

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

A great idea, and fab quilt tops, well done to all

Lady Cordelia said...

very nice! I love all the colors and patterns going on. in my world, more mayhem is good. ; )