Monday, 25 April 2011

4 Days to Go - There`s Been a Setback... not with the wedding plans - as far as I know they are going just swimmingly but with my plans to watch it.  You see, I had plans too.  I would drop my son off at pre-school at 9 as usual and then his dad would collect him at 11.30 and take him for an ice cream, walk...and return him for lunch when the main event was over.  But things have changed.  I`ve just dropped Z round at school and there was a notice.  It said, `Conge Exceptionnel - 29 avril`, which can loosely be translated as you`ve guessed it, school is closed as the French headmistress wants to watch the royal wedding too!  What am I to do? As far as I can glean from my parenting experience, almost 3 year old boys don`t like weddings...I need a Plan B.  Quick.
Knit Your Own Royal Wedding by Fiona Goble available here
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susan said...

Are there any mums at his school who would be happy to have him for a playdate and then his dad could collect him from there and take him for the ice cream boy time?

Elizabeth said...

What fun!
This is quite the silliest picture I ever saw....
Do hope you get to watch the wedding without too many interruptions.
It will happen while we are still in bed here!