Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Wordy Wednesday -An Award

Forgive me for not sharing some silence today but yesterday I was nominated for a Stylish Blogger Award by Susan over at Canadian Abroad!  I was fortunate enough to come across Susan and her lovely blog through the Fresh Sewing Day at Lily`s Quilts last Friday.  As I explained here, Lynne of Lily`s Quilts wanted her readers to share a sewing project and to do some blog hopping.  Lynne  - your work is done. I have met some lovely people and read some great blogs as a result.

I`ve certainly never thought of myself as stylish so for someone to think my blog is stylish is lovely indeed. I only started blogging in January and it gives me such pleasure to know that albeit a small audience appreciate what I share.  So Susan, I willingly accept the award and thank you for nominating me.

Now, I have certain obligations to fulfill.  Firstly, I have to thank and link back to the person who nominated me.  So thanks Susan at Canadian Abroad.  Secondly, I must share 7 things about me, so here goes...
  1. I have a large gap in my general knowledge about natural history (my education started at a village school where singing took up most of the day with a healthy amount of English and a smattering of mathematics) - particularly anything ornithological.  So don`t ask me what species of bird or plant something is.  I probably won`t know.
  2. I speak Arabic and French badly.
  3. Past careers include lawyer, school teacher, school administrator, waitress, recruitment consultant and  washer upper (these careers are not entirely in chronological order)
  4. I am a meat eating vegetarian.  I love vegetarian food but eat meat.  Well, I am married to a carnivore.
  5. I met my handsome husband in Tunisia.  He is not Tunisian. He is Moroccan.
  6. We have a beautiful adoptive son.  He is the light of our lives.
  7. I have a secret crush on Javier Bardem. I have a certain appreciation of a Spanish actor.  I`m not telling you who.
Thirdly, I have to nominate 6 recently discovered blogs which I think fit the title of Stylish Blogger Award. If I could, I would nominate Susan`s blog as she makes beautiful and stylish quilts and amazing crocheted blankets.  Do pop over and say hello.  She is very friendly.  I would also nominate Nicolette at Dutch Comfort but her blog is award free  - but I`m going to give her a shout out anyway.

So here goes with my list...on the whole I have nominated relatively new blogs but not always.
  1. Two Hippos was one of the first people ever to comment on my blog if not the first.  She is a trained milliner (how cool is that?), she knits, makes quilts, bakes and is a huge source of inspiration.  All in all  - super talented!
  2. Run Quilt Knit Write makes the most exquisite socks in beautiful colours and gorgeous designs as well as patchwork quilts.  I haven`t seen a photo of Helen but I imagine she is super stylish. She has the best recipe for hot cross buns, (which is useful at this time of year) runs, writes, works and manages a busy household.  How she fits it all in I`m not sure!
  3. Diane at Random Thoughts - Do or `Di` looks one stylish lady and has a handsome husband too (Mr. Romance), beautiful grandchildren, makes wonderful quilts, crochets, shares fabulous recipes and takes lovely photos.  In her own words, she has a blessed life. Diane is someone else I met through the Fresh Sewing Day...thanks Lynne!
  4. Shelley at The Rebel Homemaker shares her wonderful life with us.  Living in California, she grows her own food and produces the loveliest of quilts.
  5. Nadilah over at Sweet Little Things was also an early commenter on my blog.  She lives in San Francisco and makes the most exquisitely decorated cakes. Really. She also just completed her second quilt after starting with Dresden plates so kudos to her!
  6. At Sew Wonderful Life, Catherine makes ambitious quilts (including her cathedral windows one) and  crafts them absolutely beautifully.  Like Catherine, Susan and I all started blogging around the same time.
That`s it - that`s my six newly discovered blogs.  Please pop over and take a look - I`m sure you`ll be inspired.  Thank you again Susan  - I`ve passed the baton!


    susan said...

    Wow! Thanks for the great comments, Annabella. I shall take the time to look at your nominees later on today.

    Nadilah Sungkar Magee said...

    Dear Annabella, I'm so honored that you nominated my blog as a Stylish Blogger Award. I should nominate you, because your blog is beautiful and you encouraged me to finished my quilt. When I read your comment on my blog, I thought you had been nominated for a stylist blogger award and I couldn't wait to vote for you... Silly me...