Sunday, 6 April 2014

Like the No.33 bus... can wait ages for friends or family to come visit and then 3 lots come along at the same time.

Hand Drawn Garden Plus flimsy
It's been pretty busy round here lately. As Ferris Bueller would say, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

Two weeks ago, fellow Stitch Tease bee mates Di and Helen came to visit, and stayed in our little riad. On their first morning, Zaki and I gave them a basic orientation of the souqs.  Here's Di and Zaki having a chat and putting the world to rights.

And here's my 'How am I going to carry 2 stools home!" face. Thank you Di for your help!

Photo credit - Helen at Runquiltknitwrite
I'll admit it was sometimes difficult to make conversation or share a joke. Not.

Photo credit - Di at Quiltova  
It was great fun to show Helen and Di around - by Day 2 they were old hands...sipping mint tea, negotiating like a local and telling me about places I should go to!

Of course, you can't have 3 quilters in the same room without the obligatory show and tell.  Here are the three of us holding my first Stitch Tease quilt. It was snapped by our guardian while Helen and Di's taxi to the airport waited outside hence it is a little fuzzy.

I hope they'll come back and visit again. It was fun to have them around.

 It was also lovely to catch up with my best friend from high school who came to visit too!

And yesterday my mum left after staying for 2 weeks.   Here she is waiting for her camel burger at Clock Cafe.

...and here's the camel burger. A-MAZING!!

...and here's a snap of me having a cuddle with my boy.

So has there been any sewing going on I hear you cry.  Well yes there has.  

A few weeks ago, I cut up most of the half yard bundle of Anna Maria Horner's Hand Drawn Garden bundle I bought from Jennifer a few months ago.  I cut it in to simple squares as I wanted to make a simple patchwork quilt.  Only this line is very eclectic and I wasn't sure the whole thing was working.  After asking for advice on Instagram and receiving some good stuff, I ignored it and made a plus quilt.

Crazy and eclectic.

I added a 2 1/2 scrappy border of low volume fabrics to frame the craziness and then added a 2" border of more Hand Drawn Garden.

This may not be everyone's cup of Orange Pekoe but it's most definitely mine.  I absolutely love it - it's big, bold and beautiful and I can't wait to baste and quilt it.  I just have to order some backing!

So now it's back down to earth with a bump. Back to work but with the promise that summer hols offically start in 10 weeks - woohoo, oh and a quilt commission too.

More of that next time. Happy Days.