Finished Quilts

Scrappy X and Plus Quilt for Siblings Together made by do.Good Stitches (January 2013)

Liberty Union Jack quilt for Deborah (December 2011)
Gee's Bend inspired mini quilt (2012)
Union Jack cushion (2011)
Modern Christmas Tablerunner (December 2011)
1001 Sleepless Nights baby quilt for George (December 2011)
Moroccan Mirage throw quilt (December 2011)
Across the Seas quilt (October 2011)
Marrakech Rose quilt (2011)
Zaki's quilt - hand pieced and hand quilted (May 2011)
Pastel Union Jack quilt  - hand pieced and quilted for Leo (December 2010)

Siblings Together quilt (June 2012)
Lark quilt (2011)
Turning Corners quilt (December 2012)
Stained quilt (January 2013)
Patchwork Wheel quilt pieced by the Care Circle of do.Good Stitches (January 2013)
Baby quilt for Amira (February 2013)
Field Study Triangles quilt (May 2013)
Uneven Coins baby quilt for MR (June 2013)
Stitch Tease 'Curvy Sampler' bee quilt (December 2013)
Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt (February 2014)
Hand Drawn Garden Plus Quilt (May 2014)
Window to the Soul quilt (May 2014)
Thoroughly Modern Maples quilt (Marrakech edition) (Oct 2014)
Baby Amina's quilt (February 2015)
Handpieced mini for Fiona (July 2015)
Scrappy Granny Square quilt (March 2013)
Mama Said Sew baby quilt for Cindy


FleurBleue said...

I've just had such a drool over your quilts. they're beautiful and inspiring.

(The baby's lovely as well)


QuiltCandy said...

All of your quilts are so beautiful. I love your use of colour, they are all just gorgeous :-)

Unknown said...

wow - well done the quilts look fabulous - love the multi colours really fantastic

Anja.M said...

Beautiful quilts you made, beautiful colors.
Quilt groetjes Anja.