Thursday, 19 May 2011

A friend from Switzerland Comes to Stay

Yesterday, a litle old lady from Switzerland came to visit. 

She`ll be with us for the next week or so.

She`s smallish but very well built. 

In fact, when we collected her, I had to carry her to the car and she weighed a tonne.

Sturdy you might call her.

While she`s a little jaundiced looking...what she lacks in looks and youthfulness, she makes up in experience.   

She`ll fit in well...she loves all things sewing.

She`s very very welcome.

Bernina Nova Electronic

Kindly lent to us by Bredons in Taunton - thank you!


nicolette said...

Enjoy the old lady’s stay!!

susan said...

Something to sew with! That is how you are getting the quilt top done. Enjoy. How nice that someone could let you have her come for a visit.

Helen in Switzerland said...

Love the colour! I'm really a Pfaff girl myself, but finally weakened and after 20 years bought myself a new Bernina yesterday!! (One that has a big enough arm to make machine quilting a pleasurable occupation!!)

Anonymous said...

thought of chubby old lady (Miss Marpleish) came to mind before the real old lady popped up on screen! Have fun!

diane said...

She must be a cousin of "Bernice" trusty machine!

Kala said...

I haven't used a sewing machine in 30 years! I love the first close-up shot.