Monday, 30 May 2011

Macro Monday

My Uncle Campbell`s beloved accordion (which he plays fabulously well).

Back from a lovely weekend in Warwick where we stayed with my Uncle Campbell and Aunt Jan.  Hello and thanks to Jan who was my 2nd follower and still reads my blog.

I spent my first 18 years in leafy Warwickshire.  We lived in a Victorian farmworker`s cottage surrounded by fields in the middle of what seemed like nowhere but was in fact totally idyllic. I went to school in Stratford Upon Avon but it was Warwick where I socialized as a teenager.  It was a trip down memory lane to wander around its town centre on Saturday and walk in St.Nicholas` Park (St.Nick`s) on Sunday morning.  My advice on this wet and rainy Monday in Somerset? Forget expensive face creams.  Re-visit childhood haunts or have a squeeze on your accordion!

Visit Lisa`a Chaos for more close-up shots.


diane said...

How fun for you to return to some of your favorite places and see your aunt and uncle. I enjoy going to Pennsylvania to visit my old aunts and uncles. They are all getting up in age and every time i visit I learn more and more about my family history.

Kala said...

Love these images of the accordion.
The place you grew up in as a youth is precisely the kind of setting I'd love to live in today.