Monday, 11 July 2011

..and now I`m an Artsee Blogger Too

The most beautiful roadside vegetable stall at Sidi Abdullah
The very talented Geri Centonze, sister of very talented Diane of Random Thoughts Do or `Di` has set up a new blog today which aims to provide a place for art bloggers of all different mediums (photography, fabric arts, jewelery, paper crafts, digital art, mixed media and drawing and painting) to list their blog (in up to 3 different categories) as a way to help people discover new blogs that might interest them.  It looks like it`s going to be a great way to improve traffic to your blog so whether you are a photographer, quilter or whatever, what are you waiting for?  Click on the button below, get over there and get yourself listed.

Artsee Bloggers


susan said...

Cool. I did it. Now I have to go to bed before I start looking at everyone else's blogs and end up awake half the night!

lissa said...

you have a lovely blog here and the photos are wonderful and whimsical.

thanks for your visit. hope you are having a sweet day.

diane said...

My sister is sooo talented and what a lovely thing she is doing by preparing this Artsee Bloggers site. that photo of the fruit stand!

aracne said...

I joined too,,,and am pretty excited. Thank you for the hint!

hello. said...

the produce stand is gorgeous!

your beautiful photos of your vacation are stirring up my wanderlust :) hope you + your family are having a wonderful time!

Geri Centonze said...

What a gorgeous blog you have and love that quilt in your header!!! (all of your quilts are beautiful). Thanks for the mention about artsee bloggers - it's my new baby ♥