Saturday, 24 March 2012

Pink Castle Blogger`s Bundle Contest

Chesil Beach Bundle

1. Buoyancy in Deep
2. Diamond Dandy in New Day
3. Arabesque in Ivory
4. Jewels in Purple
5. Micro Dot in Blue
6. Living Lattice in Dusty Blue
7. Stripe in Light Turquoise
8. Mill Plain in Dogwood
9. Lace in Mud
10.Basket Weave in Tan
11.Town Square in Mist
12.Little Flowers in Liquorice

There is a great contest over at Katy`s in conjunction with the wonderful Brenda and Pink Castle fabrics.  All you have to do is design your own bundle of fabrics from those Brenda has in store (either her website or the etsy store or both) and you get the chance to win it! The contest is open until the end of the month.

I`m calling my bundle Chesil Beach after the beach in Dorset, England near where my granny lived.  It reminds me of the colour of the water and shingle there....on a sunny day obviously.

There are already over 135 bundles entered! International entrants are welcome and you can enter as many bundles as you like. So leave what you`re doing and go select some fabric...but not before you hide your credit card.


    Anonymous said...

    Great bundle and I love your new header picture, too!

    Cindy said...

    It does look like the ocean and sand. Very nice.

    Leanne said...

    It is a lovely bundle. I cannot enter these, I end up ordering all kinds of things I am sure I need, but did not need before I started. I am not allowed to go to discount stores either.

    Patchwork and Play said...

    What a great bundle! I think I could definitely buy this one! I better not start looking at know what will happen! And what a fabulous name you given your bundle! There was a book by that title, wasn't there?

    susan said...

    Love the bundle. It's very soothing and restful. Good luck in the contest.

    Flying Blind... said...

    Very grown up!

    Jenny said...

    This is a great bundle! Good luck! I may just have to go check that contest out!

    Cherie said...

    Great is really hard not to buy it once you've put it together! =D

    Kelly said...

    Nice bundle :)

    Danny said...

    Your bundle is so soothing! Love it!

    demie said...

    a lovely idea... wonderful patterns : )