Friday, 23 September 2011

Friday Round Up

Yesterday`s giveaway sponsored by The Intrepid Thread was such great fun and there were times when I couldn`t keep up with the comments pouring into my email account.  A big welcome to all my new followers and good luck to everyone who has entered the giveaway! There is still time by enter by clicking here.

Today I finished piecing the back to my Across the Sea QAL quilt.  It has been breezy and raining today so I had to rush out between showers and grab this very average shot.

The floating crosses are on a lilac solid for the back, which complements the colours in the blocks but I do kind of wish I had been braver and gone darker. Anyway, that`s it until my wadding and purple thread arrive and at the moment there is no sign of them.

Today`s fantabulous news is that my new sewing machine was delivered today.  Poor thing had hardly time to unpack her bags and she was put to work on the quilt backing.  It`s early days but we are getting on well.  Currently, she is nameless apart from her surname Janome, so if anyone (Hadley?) has any bright suggestions, let me know. In her haste to get here, she forgot to bring the promised quilting quilt, which is hugely frustrating as I was hoping to have the extension table and requisite feet available for when my wadding arrives.  My mum will now bring it out with her in a couple of weeks.

The Goodie Swap 2011 is almost over and after having said I wouldn`t do another swap for a while, I have signed up to two in the last few days. It seems a little obscene to be mentioning the C word in September but the first swap is The Modern Christmas Tablerunner Swap being hosted by super lovely bloggy friend Susan.  With Susan in charge and the gaggle of girls who are already signed up, it is sure to be fun.  Sign ups close on October 2 so head on over and take a peek.  I have also signed up to The Scrappy Swap 2011 being hosted by Kat. Sign ups close on September 30.

Right, I`m off to read the instruction book...what? No, of course I didn`t read it before using it!


Catherine said...

Your back looks fabulous: definately worth all that cutting out! How exciting getting your new machine - bet I know what you will be doing this weekend!

Anonymous said...

I don't know anything about quilts but I think you are doing a fine job ;-)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sarah said...

Quilt back looks great! Have a brilliant weekend with your new machine :-)

Cindy said...

I signed up for the same two swaps! What are we thinking!?!? We're thinking they're going to be great :) Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

hello annabella. have a lovely weekend. i love the colours in your quilt and i cannot help but notice the tiling on the floor. how i love colour! xo.

Unknown said...

Hello Annabella

saying hello for the weekend ahead for you and your family.

Christmas! You just sent a chill up my spine saying that - I know it is here very soon

we have 1 more week of school holidays then I know the last term of school is only a 9 week term!
So I do know it's close but was in denial mode.

your work amazes me always - take care.


Loulou said...

Look at you with 180 followers! So glad more people will get to know someone so special.

blandina said...

Congratulations for your new sewing machine (and of course it is normal to read the instuctions book after using it the first time).
You could call her:

- Benedetta, cuce perfetta (sews perfect)

What do you think? Benedetta Jerome?
I love the tiles too.

Sheila said...

Which Janome model have you got?

Shanea said...

Yay for a new machine. The back looks great too :)

Canadian Abroad said...

I love your lilac back. Makes me feel my white is so boring now! Hope your mum brings you fabric as well as the missing bits. I sense some serious sewing happening in your future!

Jennifer Mathis of Ellison Lane said...

Love the color you choose for the back Annabella. It is such a lovely shade! Yea for a new machine!!

Archie the wonder dog said...

Love the lilac back! Have fun with your new machine (I'm afraid the only name I can think of at the moment is Jilly but I'll keep thinking!) - hope she settles in well!

Erin @ Billy Button Design said...

I never read my instructions for my sewing machine (Betsy) until I had to change a needle...well my husband read it and laughed at me after I had told him frustratingly that I know everything about sewing machines...who felt like a mug?
Quilt back looks great and I love the purple.