Sunday, 4 March 2012

Stitch Tease

Stitch Tease International Quilt Bee!

A few weeks ago, my super lovely blogging mate Di invited me and a gaggle of other girls to join a very special bee. Almost without exception, everyone said `yes`!

It`s a round robin bee, which means we all start off our quilts before forwarding the first strip or blocks on to the next person in the sequence.  They will add to the quilt and post sneek peeks of what they have done in the flikr pool but we won`t actually know what our quilt will look like until a year`s time when hopefully fingers and toes crossed, the mailman will deliver it.

My quilt will be going first to Katy (theme - villages (yikes!)) in Glasgow before making its way to Hadley (theme - rectangles and squares NOT wonky thank you very much) in West Sussex, then on to Dianne in the Czech Republic (theme -pinwheels) who will send it on to Helen in Switzerland (theme - wonky stars) then on to Danny  (theme - our favourite block - how amazing and trusting is that?) in the USA then back to the UK to oldest blogging mate Susan (theme - wonky stars) in Northamptonshire before finally landing on Di`s doormat in Southern California (theme - words) who will work her magic on all the blocks for my quilt by assembling them together before returning the top to me!

My theme is curves.  Yes, I`m a little mean like that.

Here`s my inspiration mosaic or you can click here for a better view.

We have all purchased a yard of fabric, a portion of which will be used in everyone`s quilt, so all the quilts will be linked even though they are sometimes thousands of miles apart.  I like stuff like that.  Here`s the fabric I chose.  It was delivered to my mum`s in England and she will bring it out on Wednesday.  Woo hoo!

English Plantain by Cloud 9 (purchased from eternal maker)
...and look at this amazing fabric that Di designed on spoonflower which has all our names and blog names on it.  You can read more about it here.

Everyone in the bee is without exception very talented and very funny so this should be an amazing bee. Now I just have to finally come up with exactly how I`m going to start the quilt!

Thanks Di for all your hard work in setting this up and to the other girls for saying a big fat yes - here`s to a great year!