Monday, 21 February 2011

Marrakech Monday

I decided today to blog each Monday about my life here in Marrakech.  It may simply be a photo and may sometimes be Morocco Monday if I`m out of town.

This morning, I had coffee (and some delicious almond cake)....
The salon at Dar Charkia
with my dear friend Lisa, who together with her lovely husband Michael are fellow riad owners.  They run Dar Charkia as a maison d`hote - a bed and breakfast - in the medina here in Marrakech.

Looking into the courtyard at Dar Charkia
We drank coffee, chewed the fat and I delivered the necklace that I finished making yesterday.

Detail of sterling silver granular Bali bead and CFW pearl Y necklace

Sterling silver Bali dangles and pearl detail
Biwa pearl and Bali daisy bead detail
Lisa commissioned me to make this necklace absolutely ages ago after seeing it in the fabulous book, Simply Pearls by Nancy Alden, which you can purchase here. It`s full to bursting with gorgeous designs which make pearls not only stylish but funky and modern too.  I have always loved pearls and if I was to concentrate on making jewelery, it would be to combine pearls with sterling silver and semi-precious stones.

The granular Bali beads and biwa pearls really make this look designer and I absolutely love it. Here is the finished product, hanging from a tadelakt egg in Dar Charkia`s salon.

Thanks to Lisa, I can now wire wrap - the process of using sterling silver wire (or any other metal)  to join beads by wrapping the wire around itself!  What`s next Lisa?


Unknown said...

Love the necklace, it goes with absolutely everything, is very light to wear and works with casual and dressy outfits alike.
Thankyou Bella for making this. Can't wait to choose my next piece by you!
If you want the recipe for the Dar charkia almond cake, let me know.

Helen in Switzerland said...

Oh wow! Gorgeous necklace and I'm so taken with Marrakech - long live Marrakech Mondays!

Lynn said...

I just saw this necklace - absolutely gorgeous. Pearls are my favourite and this one is so modern and will remain timeless