Saturday, 12 February 2011

The Project

So this is 'the project' (aka Zaki's quilt top) - the thing that got me started on this mild obsession.

Zaki's quilt top

Here it is, all (artistically - well trying to be) squidged up as quilt tops can look a little sad until they're actually grown-up quilts with their batting in.  The truth actually being that I find them difficult to photograph. You can't really tell but each 10" block is made up of three equal rectangles and each block is set at right angles to the next one...if that makes sense. It's Moda's Arcadia and I love it - it's all blues, browns, yellows and oranges with circles and dragon flies, flowers, leaves, birds and butterflies. My mum says it reminds her of patterns from the '50s.

I'm still in two minds as it whether to put a border around it or not.  I go back and forth depending on my mood.  If I do, it will fit a single bed and if I don't, it will be Zaki's quilt until he outgrows it and will then be used as a throw or a lap quilt.  Whichever way, it will be a much loved quilt.


busybusybeejay said...

I love the colours.I have done patchwork in the past but not for years.I still have the cutting mat and all the gear.I actually went on a course but then decided it was too precise for me.I don't have a lot of patience!However reading your blog and having two friends who are really into patchwork and keep trying to persuade to pick it up again I may just give it a go.Watch this space.Perhaps I need Jane's book.I'm off to Amazon to have a look.

Annabella said...

Oh I hope you do take it up again - and if you have friends you could do it with, so much the better! Do get the book - it's a lovely book even if you don't do any quilting. Anyway, I will as you say watch this space.

Annabella said...

This is a lovely comment that Nicolette of left and when opening it on my iphone my fat finger pressed delete rather than publish! Grrr

Love the picture of your Arcadia patchwork! Taking pictures of quilts is always challenging. I love Summer and Spring when there’s enough light outside so I can use a chair or a fence to drape the quilt onto.

I worked with Arcadia, great line of fabrics!

Annabella said...

Thanks Nicolette - it`s warm and sunny here now in Marrakech so hopefully it will be easier to take inspiring photos of my work!