Friday, 1 April 2011

Hand Quilting Again??

This quilt is rapidly heading for the Guiness Book of Records as the quilt completed in the longest time.  I started it in October 2009 and now it`s March 2011 and Z is significantly longer yet the quilt is the same size. It seems I never learn.  I`m handquilting Z`s quilt because I want to fill it with love so that when Z is snuggling in it he can feel his mother`s love wherever he is. 
At least I got to do some quilting this week.  I did the beastly basting a couple of days ago and started the hand quilting yesterday using masking tape as a guide for my stitching - a tip I picked up from Jane Brocket`s The Gentle Art of Quilting - it`s re-usable and doesn`t leave any marks. Super easy! I think I may unpick the stitching so far as I`m unsure of stitching at right angles to the pieces.  I think it might look better stitched following the length of the piece instead.
The front is an Arcadia Moda layer cake and the backing is Cloud 9`s `Clearing`, which I thought had a retro `50s feel about it, which complemented the front.
There is a link to this post on Lilys Quilts Fresh Sewing Day  - a new project by Lynne to celebrate her blogaversary.  Each 1st day of the month, Lynne is having a fresh sewing day when she is encouraging everyone to share with others their favourite or latest project and to create on her blog a link showing it.  Lynne explains it much better so hop over to her blog and share something you are doing at the moment...oh, and visit each others blogs and share the love.

Fresh Sewing Day @ Lily's Quilts

Happy Weekend!


Canadian Abroad said...

Love the quilt. I am handquilting my daughters' quilts too and they keep getting put aside for other projects. I have been working on them for three years so I think you are going at a great pace!!

dutchcomfort said...

Ohhh one of my favourite fabric lines, Arcadia! Love your quilt, it’s so beautiful! said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. I am truly blessed and love to share that with the world. I have enjoyed meeting new people through blogging. I'll return to your blog, too.

Amber H. said...

What an amazing labor of love! The fabrics are amazing together, although I have to say the back is my favorite.

Unknown said...

I love all the fabric lines you've chosen and the hand quilting just makes it all come together perfectly. What a great undertaking. Kudos.