Friday, 27 May 2011

On the Steep Learning Curve

Tote bag from Hus & Hem in Ledbury - a gift from lovely friend Liz
I`ve learned this week that:
  • it`s not a good idea to baste a quilt in a room only slightly larger than the quilt
  • it`s equally not ideal to knit when you`re tired and/or in dim light
  • if you are learning to knit, you shouldn`t knit a rib while talking to your 3 year old son
  • I lose count quickly
  • I can`t pick up stitches that well
  • quilting requires patience
  • knitting requires patience
  • I have no patience

Thank goodness it`s Friday. Have you learned anything this week?


Canadian Abroad said...

Annabella, what a week! You must be ready to toss the pins, needles, etc out the window! I've just learned that the oatmeal raisin muffin recipe I lifted from the Internet sucks big time - other than making you feel like you have a rock sitting in your stomach. What a waste!

Anonymous said...

ah, its not easy with a young child, learning a new craft and all.

Helen in Switzerland said...

Basting is never easy even if the room is bigger - don't you think it's just the most horrible part of the process! (But at least it means your quilt is now ready to start quilting!) said...

I have learned that the blogging community of quilters is a loving and sensitive group.

Elizabeth said...

I have learned absolutely nothing......
much too tired

have given up knitting for the summer.

I was at school near Ledbury --rather a charming place as I recall
from 40years ago!