Friday, 20 May 2011

Work in Progress

The old lady is certainly earning her keep - over the last couple of days she has helped me make this union flag quilt top which my lovely friend Deborah commissioned me to make for her daughter Elicia. 

It wasn`t as easy as I thought using the Liberty fabrics she had chosen - they are beautifully soft but very slippery.

I used the same pattern as I used here.  That quilt was hand pieced and hand quilted.  This one will be machine quilted and it will have a 12" border in a beautiful silk fabric, which I have yet to wash.   I plan to put it in the machine on a silk wash with a mild detergent but I`m a little worried about drying it....any tips? For the backing, it will be made up of panels using the silk and some of the Liberty fabrics too - just because they are so lovely and will help prevent the quilt sliding off the bed!

I would like to get the quilt finished next week so that I can post it to Deborah in Paris before I leave for Morocco. My Ryanair allowance won`t stretch to taking it home!

Hope you have plans for a great weekend!


Canadian Abroad said...

Very impressive - a flag that is done correctly. So you and I were sewing the same sort of thing at the same time. Funny! Love yours. Looks really good and what the girl getting it should be thrilled.

dutchcomfort said...

That’s a beautiful Union Jack quilt Annabella!

busybusybeejay said...

That's a lovely quilt.Lucky recipient. said...

this is so lovely. The Liberty fabrics are so luscious and so expensive! Nice job!