Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Home Sweet Home & A QuiltaLong

A pretty tile on the surround to our front door
We are home. And it feels good to be back. Our new home and so now we can begin to settle in.  It`s not even that hot here in Marrakech. A good 10 degrees Celsius cooler than when we left.

While we were away, I signed up to the Hexagon Quiltalong (HAL) being organized by Lynne and Gayle. The last time I pieced a hexagon was when I was a child...my mum says it wasn`t with her so who it was with I`ve no idea! Like many people she didn`t enjoy her hexagon experience and so I`m hoping mine will be better. Under Lynne and Gayle`s guidance and with their gang of followers, I know it`s going to be fun!


With no LQS, I looked to the internet for fabric inspiration.  I originally intended to pick individual fabrics but saw this line by Dena Fishbein.  It`s Kumari Garden Holiday and being a sucker for pinks and greens, I was seduced.
However, it wasn`t in stock and so I looked elsewhere and ordered it.  Or did I?  Falling for a bargain what I in fact ordered was Kumari Garden...which is this.
The vital word `Holiday` is missing.  Never mind.  It`s a huge bundle and I`m sure it`s going to be great.  So it should be here in a week or so and until then I`ll have to watch from the sidelines and am hoping I don`t get too left behind. Wait for meeeee!

By the way, I`m wondering whether to start a new blog dedicated to photography so that my quilting is separate but blogging already occupies quite enough of my time already.  What do you think?  Would two blogs be too much?


Canadian Abroad said...

Hexalong here you come. The fabric looks gorgeous! And one blog - please and thank you. Your blog represents you and photography is a big part of you. As is quilting. So I think both should be there. But if you split it into two then I will just follow both.

Penelope Notes said...

The light falling on the tiles of the floor creates a pretty picture. Quilters are artists of sorts who have produced wonderful designs with fabric and color. Hope you have fun. Such projects have a way of becoming keepsakes for the family. :)

Anonymous said...

a hexalong, sounds fun, the fabrics look great too. I love hexagons, so many possibilities!

Shelley said...

I love seeing all of your photography mixed in with the quilting, but I would happliy follow both blogs if you decide to split them up. :)

www.randomthoughtsdoordi.com said...

I love seeing your photos, but you can just create a link at the top of your blog for photos. Keep posting as you do but if someone just wants to see photos they can click on that. That's what I do, doesn't make it the right way but I think 2 blogs would be too much work.
I want to do the HAL too, but Hexies scare me. I don't like hand piecing. I'm gonna give it a go tho, as soon as I make some fabric choices.
Welcome Home!

elsy said...

that fabric will be wonderful.....one blog me thinks, i like the mixture

Pink Ronnie said...

Settling into a new home is such a beautiful thing.... good luck with the new blog if you decide to set one up!
Ronnie xo

Catherine said...

i love the fabric: I joined up too and am using a charm pack that i have had for a while - i may even have to buy another!
I enjoy seeing your photos on here, they show us where you are, what you are doing. Keep them here I say!

blandina said...

I agree with Diane's suggestion. Two blogs seem a big engagement and it will take time from your sewing.
Hexagons? Very scary!

lila Braga said...

for me a hexagonal, sounds just fun, the fabrics looks great too. I love hexagons,as you have so many possibilities with them.
PS: lovely blog!