Sunday, 31 July 2011

July Mosaic

July is drawing to a close
the month when we moved home and had a fabulous holiday
when we celebrated my mum`s birthday
August is set to be a different month altogether
one of the hottest months in Morocco when temperatures routinely hit the mid 40 Cs (115 F)
it also brings a new moon
and the month of Ramadan
a time when people here reconnect spiritually
and turn over new leaves
a time for family
for fasting from sunrise until sunset
15 hours without food or drink
a time for frayed tempers also brings my birthday
what will August`s mosaic look like?

During the month of August, I`m participating in The August Break 2011.


Amanda said...

Love the collage! What a fun way to remember the fun times of the month.

Excited to see your beautiful photos for the August Break.

Wishing you a very happy birthday month!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful collage.

Helen in Switzerland said...

Gorgeous collage Annabella! Oh I wish I knew how....

Anonymous said...

after this cold July the prospect of having 40 degrees sounds lovely to me... love your photos :)

Sivinden said...

Wonderful collection of pictures!
Best wishes for August:)

Lynn said...

I do like your collage of events in your life for the month. The months go past so fast that everything can run into together, a good idea to do the mosaic to look back on the highlights and remember. You had a good month (except for the high temperatures - I don't like the heat so am currently enjoying the winter months).

Kimia Kline said...

beautiful collage! here in india we are also experiencing temps like those in marrakech. i dont mind it except for when we loose our electricity :)