Friday, 15 July 2011

Joy Pockets - on Holiday Part II

a pink Turner sunset
 listening to Adele`s `Someone Like You`
hunting with Zaki for `slobsters` in the rock pools
leaving footprints in the sand
watching the outdoor music festival from our balcony
walking in the surf
popping seaweed 
not wearing makeup
eating chewy macaroons on the beach with sandy hands 
daring to dream of what the future might hold

Linking up with Monica`s Joy Pockets over at Bohemian Twilight.


MJ said...

These are all lovely joy pockets :). Popping seaweed, not wearing makeup, the music festival on the balcony, and of course Adele, LOVE! Hope your weekend is just as lovely!

Elizabeth said...

So glad they still have that popping seaweed in Maroc
haven't seen it here for ages.
Will you be sad to back to Marrakesh after your wonderful holiday?

Canadian Abroad said...

I LOVE popping seaweed! Miles better than bubble wrap any day.

Amanda said...

I LOVE your pockets!!

That sunset is gorgeous! I've been stuck on Adele's Rolling in the Deep (such a beautiful woman!) Love outdoor music festivals - how nice to be able to enjoy it on your own balcony!

Wishing you a very happy weekend!

Unknown said...

what a beautiful sunset!

hunting for slobsters and watching a music festival from your balcony sound very groovy indeed.

and daring to dream... yes yes....

Anonymous said...

That sunset is fantastic! Love it!

The footprints in the sand and daring to dream ones really speaks to me! So nice! said...

I have been following a few blogging friends on their holidays, now if I only felt as rested as you all are it would be a great holiday. These are all wonderful "joy pockets".

Megan said...

wow. never heard of popping seaweed before. sounds like a great vacation.

Anonymous said...

these are wonderful!

Lis Harwood said...


Rob Siemann said...

Amazing photos! Thanks for your comment on our Barcelona blog! You're so lucky to live in Marrakech!